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smartDivision RTW400

The smartDivision RTW400 is the most reliable and low-maintenance, automatic, horizontal sliding wall that has ever been developed.

The entire system only needs one motor and one control unit!

Functional Description

The drive system moves a moveable leaf in the desired direction of motion. All subsequent moveable leafs move out of the parking position or alternatively back into the parting position with a mechanical carrier, depending on the direction of motion. Any desired partial opening is possible in the process. There is no gap between the moveable leafs. The system runs quietly and uniformly for the opening as well as closing motion.



  • Only 1 motor and 1 control unit
  • No gap between the moveable leafs
  • Straight and polygonal path possibilities
  • Straight, 90° and 85° parking positions
  • Up to 12 moveable leafs, one swinging leaf, leaf weight max. 120kg
  • No search run needed after a power cut or obstacle detection
  • Floor guide tracks made from anodized aluminum
  • 24 VDC power supply, substructures disappear in the intermediate ceiling

Leaf construction

  • Glass only design with head and foot profiles
  • Glass with single layer safety glass or laminated safety glass, 10 or 12 mm
  • Polished vertical glass edges
  • Leafs are adjustable in height
  • Special constructions are available on request!

Safety Devices

  • Closing process: Automatic reversing of the entire system if an obstacle is hit (150N)
  • Opening process: Automatic stop of the entire system if an obstacle is hit (150N)


  • Only one button with control sequence OPEN-STOP-CLOSE
  • Mechanical unlocking for manual operation

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Path Possibilities

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